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Commission Process

Abstract Drawing Commissions

Thanks for your interest in my commissioned artwork. It’s such a pleasure to create pieces specifically for my clients.

I make drawings for a commissioned order from one image/photo. 

If,  for any reason you are not satisfied the commissioned artwork, you can use your 50% deposit as store credit for any available artwork in my shop within 10 days.

To start, please visit my Etsy shop,, and let me know any examples of my work that especially resonated with you.  This helps me to understand your preferences. 

The Process

1. You fill out the Commission Order Form and submit it.

2. I will email you and ask you detailed questions about the commission work you would like.

3. You email me images/photos, and include any specifications, such as material preferences or elements in the images/photos you would like omitted from the drawing. 

4. I will send you a PayPal invoice for a nonrefundable deposit of 50% of the total cost.

5. I make 3 drawings (artwork) and email them to you.

6. You review the artwork and choose one drawing from three.

7. I will send you a PayPal invoice for the remaining 50%, the shipping cost, and tax for the final payment.

8. I will ship you the one artwork you chose. 


I am located in Hawaii, USA. I estimate that the shipping cost will be approximately $20 – $200, depending on the size of the artwork, and your choice of the shipping company. I do not ship outside the USA. Please use a mail forwarding service for international shipping.